New option allows Netflix subscribers to watch videos without internet

Netflix Inc., a videostreaming pioneer, has provided an option to its subscribers to download videos and shows on the mobile

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Why I like StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a kind of discovery engine that can help in finding and recommending contents to its users on the

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Site that will certainly entertain you for the next few moments

Finding an interactive yet funny site is a kind of good luck. Surfing and surfing the internet but there are

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Social networking sites have specific communities and distinctive languages

Main Points: Researchers have found the emerging “tribes” – communities – on the social networking sites such as Twitter. These

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Internet-addiction and reduced functional brain connectivity in youngsters

Researchers have found the reduced functional brain connectivity in internet-addicted youngsters. PLoS ONE published this research. They worked with functional

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Yahoo is closing down its seven products

Yahoo Inc. is planning to shut down seven of its products including BlackBerry app. According to the company, the shutdown

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Coursera has linked with 29 new Universities and has added 92 new courses

Coursera has added 29 new Universities, now it has 62 universities’ affiliations. 16 of the 29 universities are from outside

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Yahoo has introduced new homepage having “newsfeed with infinite scroll”

Yahoo has launched the new version of its homepage that is “designed to be more intuitive and personal”, according to

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Microsoft has recently announced that, webmail service from Microsoft, has gone beyond the mark of 60 million users in

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Google image search: “Blackberry” yields no natural blackberry, “Tablet” yields no pharmaceutical tablet

Google image search is among the most used products of the Google. It is good but sometimes even Google’s algorithm

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