Quiz: Pharmacy Exam Preparation (NAPLEX Preparation) – 8

Which of the following perform the function of barrier against photolysis of drugs?

1. Aluminum foil

2. Opaque container

3. Amber glass bottle

4. Both 2 and 3

Tragacanth is more advantageous than acacia due to:

1. Absence of oxidase

2. High percentage of ions

3. Less brittle nature

4. All of the above

At which pH, the tragacanth’s viscosity is found to be optimum?

1. pH 2

2. pH 5

3. pH 7

4. pH 3

Hydrolytic degradation in solution leads towards the generation of electrolytes. Which of the following are the quite common catalysts generated as a consequence of hydrolytic degredation taking place in the solution?

1. H+ and Na+

2. Na+ and Ca2+

3. P+ and H+

4. H+ and OH-

Which of the following are the attributes of clays?

1. Thixotropic behavior

2. Anionic in aqueous dispersions

3. Silicates in nature

4. All of these

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