Quiz: Pharmacy Exam Preparation (NAPLEX Preparation) – 7

Which of the following is not the attribute of crystalline solid?

1. Anisotrophy

2. Distinct melting point

3. Randomly arranged molecules

4. All of these

The condition in which there exist different types of crystalline forms of a single substance is known as ________________.

1. Solvate

2. Polymorphism

3. Anisotrophy

4. Enantiomer

All of the following are electrolytes except _____________:

1. Atropine

2. Hydrochloric acid

3. Sodium chloride

4. Sucrose

The concentration values for H+ ions is quite small. Hence, these are expressed in terms of exponential notation as ______________.

1. pH

2. PH

3. ph

4. Ph

There is exponential increase in the concentration of H+ ions when _______________:

1. pH increase

2. pH decreases

3. pH neutralizes

4. All of these

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