Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms and Bioavailability – 7

What is the purpose of table coating?

1. Extend drug’s shelf life

2. Make tablet smoother

3. Mask the unpleasant taste

4. All of the above

Which of the following are cone shaped pessaries?

1. Moulded pessaries

2. Compressed pessaries

3. Vaginal capsules

4. All of the above

Why throat paint is viscous in consistency?

1. Less use of water

2. More ethanol content

3. High content of glycerin

4. High content of fructose

Which of the following is known as Mandle’s paint?

1. Crystal Violet Paint

2. Compound Iodine Paint

3. Tannic Acid Gylcerin

4. Phenol Glycerin

Which of the following is not the direction to use paint?

1. Drink half glass of water after applying paint

2. Apply it with use of swab

3. Do not consume food before and after using paint

4. All of the above

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