Enzymes versus Hormones

Adrenaline – a hormone (Source: Pixabay)

Enzymes are usually secreted by duct glands, and hormones are secreted by ductless glands.

Enzymes are almost always proteins, and hormones are not always proteins as they could be steroids.

Enzymes are fast in reaction, and hormones are slow in reaction.

Enzymes are secreted into duct, and hormones are secreted into blood.

Enzymes travel through duct, and hormones travel through blood.

Enzymes are more in quantity, and hormones are less in quantity.

Enzymes, usually, act near the site of production, and hormones, usually, act far from the site of production.

Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache (Summary in German language)

Enzyme werden normalerweise von Ductusdrüsen ausgeschieden, und Hormone werden von Ductusdrüsen abgesondert. Enzyme werden in den Kanal und Hormone in das Blut ausgeschieden.


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