Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms – 7

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Which of the following gas liberates due to reaction of acid and base when the effervescent granulated salts are added to water?

1. Carbon monoxide

2. Carbon dioxide

3. Helium

4. Nitrogen

Which of the following sieve produce large granules?

1. Sieve no. 10

2. Sieve no. 8 2

3. Sieve no. 4

4. None of these

Which of the following helps to fill volume for the pharmaceutical capsules?

1. Lubricant

2. Glidant

3. Diluent

4. Disintegrant

Which of the following is the wetting agent used in the pharmaceutical preparations?

1. Sodium lauryl sulfate

2. Lactose

3. Titanium oxide

4. Magnesium stearate

Which of the following types of pharmaceutical tablets do not contain coatings, lubricants and disintegrants?

1. Film coated tablets

2. Molded tablets

3. Lozenges

4. Sugar coated tablets

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