Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms – 6

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Which of the following active immunizing agent biologic product can be administered through both subcutaneous and intramuscular routes?

1. Tetanus injection

2. Yellow fever injection

3. Zoster virus injection

4. Measles virus injection

The ophthalmic solution of Betaxolol HCL cannot be used for treatment of ______________.

1. Chronic open angle glaucoma

2. Ocular hypertension

3. Both 1 and 2

4. Herpes simplex keratitis

Otic preparations are also known as ______________?

1. Optic preparations

2. Aural preparations

3. Sublingual preparations

4. Parenteral preparations

Which of the following pharmaceutical dosage form can be formulated by wet and dry methods?

1. Granules

2. Douches

3. Suppositories

4. Syrups

Which of the following is not the effervescent granulated salt?

1. Tartaric acid

2. Citric acid

3. Bicarbonate

4. Titanium oxide

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