Referral reward (PKR-500/= easyload) to share a link to freelancing job post on SayPeople – REFERRAL REWARD OFFER – 1

Edited Post: January 22, 2021

This offer is closed

Original Post: January 16, 2021

Task and Requirements:

The task is to share a link to a freelancing job post on SayPeople to any group or page or profile on Facebook or LinkedIn or other social networking site, or to a bookmarking site, such as Reddit or Mix, or any blog.

The link is as follows:

During the sharing, you have to tell the people that if they want to apply for the freelancing job post (statistics-related job), they have to write your name as a referral. Otherwise, it would not be possible to give the reward to the referral.

The task has to be completed by 21st of January, 2021, as the last data for submission of application on the above mentioned link is this same date. The easyload will be sent after successful acceptance of an application sent with a particular referral.



The referral reward is of PKR-500/= easyload, i.e., mobile phone balance of PKR 500/= only in Pakistan. This reward is for only one person with whose reference the application will be made and accepted.


Example steps:

1. You copy the following link:

2. You paste the link to any site (as noted above).

3. You write that during application to the freelancing job post mention your name or profile link as a referral.

4. The freelancer (person) applies with the referral name or profile link.

5. In case of acceptance of application, the referral reward (easyload) will be sent to the referral in Pakistan.

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