Quiz: Introduction to Dosage Forms – 4

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Cellulose acetate phthalate Shellac is the excipient that is used for formulation of _________________?

1. Film coated tablets

2. Floating tablets

3. Sugar coated tablets

4. Enteric coated tablets

Which of the following is the characteristic of tablet glidants?

1. Impart attractive sheet or coating

2. Improve flow properties for the powder mixture

3. Promote speedy dispersion of particles/ingredients

4. Render coating opaque

Which of the following term is used for the study of small particles?

1. Micromeritrics

2. Sedimentation

3. Angle of repose

4. Psology

Stroke’s law is used for the determination of which of the following?

1. Cascade impaction

2. Laser holography

3. Sedimentation rate

4. Angle of repose

Which of the formula for calculation of angle of repose?

1. Tan θ = r / h

2. Tan θ = h/r

3. Tan θ = hr

4. 1 / Tan θ = h/r

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