“Driving from Rawalpindi to Shogran, Pakistan – about 18.5 minutes” – A video

This video relates to driving from Rawalpindi to Shogran, Pakistan. It has the following main contents:

Approximate time

Start of Abbottabad 1:41                                                                  

Shimla hill in Abbottabad              2:11

Abbottabad Tunnel-1                     2:22

Abbottabad Tunnel-2                    4:03

Mansehra Qiyam-o-Ta’aam         5:24

Mansehra Tunnel                            5:46

Jaba, Balakot, Mansehra               9:11

Hotel Mountain Track, Balakot   10:42

Balakot bazar                                   11:58

Makra view                                       14:09

Kewai waterfall                               14:41

Diyar trees near Shogran              16:08

Shogran                                             16:56

Sunset in Shogran                           18:17


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Usman Zafar Paracha

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