What is Cherenkov radiation?

Cherenkov effect (Source: Wikimedia)

Cherenkov radiation (a.l.*) is discovered by Pavel A. Cherenkov, a Soviet physicist, in 1934. Actually, the charged particles, such as electrons, when pass through an optically transparent medium, such as water, at a speed greater than the speed of “light” in that medium, they start producing light that is referred to as Cherenkov radiation. In this case, Cherenkov detectors are used to detect particles. (For illustration, it has to be considered that speed of light in vacuum is “c”, and speed of light in medium is “c(m)” that is less than “c.”)

When Cherenkov radiation reaches a sufficient intensity, it appears as weak bluish white glow, also referred to as Cherenkov effect. Regarding the application in medical science, this weak bluish white glow is also found in radiation therapy and could help in measuring safe and effective dose of radiation to treat cancer.

Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache (Summary in German language)

Cherenkov-Strahlung wird von geladenen Teilchen in einem Medium erzeugt, in dem sie sich schneller als mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit fortbewegen.

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