Radix Puerariae lobatae – Uses and interaction with drugs

Radix Puerariae lobatae consists of isoflavones, isoflavone glycoside, triterpenes, and triterpene glycosides. Isoflavones and isoflavone glycoside help in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders. An abundant form of isoflavones is puerarin that is responsible for anti-hypertensive and cardioprotective actions. The herbal extract of Radix Puerariae lobatae could improve blood flow, increase micro-circulation, prevent coronary artery diseases, and lower hypertension. In terms of interaction with methotrexate, the co-administration of Radix Puerariae lobatae with methotrexate could increase the level of methotrexate, which is a medication used to treat cancer, psoriatic arthritis, vasculitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Radix Puerariae lobatae could also increase the metabolism of warfarin, which is an anti-coagulant medication preventing the formation of harmful blood clots.


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