Harry Potter themed restaurant – “The Smokey Cauldron”

Location of “The Smokey Cauldron”

The Smokey Cauldron” is a Harry Potter themed restaurant located in F6, Islamabad. It serves both Chinese and Italian restaurant. You may go to the restaurant through Blue Area in Islamabad that is one of the most important business-related areas in Islamabad. The restaurant is located in Super Market, so the customers can easily find the parking place in the market.

Rating and other experiences of the restaurant

The Smokey Cauldron
The Smokey Cauldron

At the time of writing this article, the restaurant is at #12 out of 77 restaurants in Rawalpindi, according to TripAdvisor. The outlook of the restaurant is much like a building directly from the movie of Harry Potter. The internal setup also gives the impression of the different aspects of the movie. In our experience, the environment is very cool and cinematic. The staff is very friendly, and helps in using the different things associated with the movie, such as gowns, wands, and hats. It takes the customers to the fantasy world of Harry Potter as, for example, through the photographs, books, props, and sketches. Sticky notes are also there showing the comments of other customers coming to the restaurant. We also left a comment.


Menu and the dishes we ordered

The Smokey Cauldron serves a large number of dishes ranging from salty dishes to sweat dishes. The dishes that we ordered, included “Hot and Sour soup”, “Cream of Mushrooms”, “Sectumsempra”, “Classic Fish and Chips”, “Chicken Parmesan”, and “Rock Cake.” In the menu card, they provided interesting and informative brief descriptions of the dishes. In case of “Hot and Sour Soup”, they wrote “The Classic Hot & Sour soup straight from Cho’s Kitchen”. In case of “Cream of Mushrooms”, they wrote “Thick Creamy soup cooked with grilled mushrooms and chicken.” In case of “Sectumsempra”, they wrote “Fire-Grilled Steak or Fillet served with Low-fat Mushroom sauce and sides.” In case of “Classic Fish and Chips”, they wrote “Crumb Fried Fish Fillets served with French Fries and Tartar sauce.” In case of “Chicken Parmesan”, they wrote “Crumb-fried chicken topped with napolletana sauce along with parmesan and cheddar cheese. Served on a bed of penne pasta.” In case of “Rock Cake”, they wrote “A slice of Chocolate Fudge cakes straight from Hagrid’s oven.”

Hot and Sour Soup
Cream of Mushrooms
Rock Cake
Sectumsempra beef
Chicken Parmesan
Classic Fish and Chips

In our experience, the soups and creams of mushrooms are at the top. The soup is also almost as tasty as we found in Mei Kong Chinese Restaurant in Rawalpindi. The steak is also one of the best steaks among all the steaks that we have tasted as, for example, previously we liked the steak of “Texas Steak House” in Rawalpindi, but the steak in The Smokey Cauldron is a direct competition with that steak. My wife liked the Classic Fish and Chips very much. Eventually, the cake was also very tasty.

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