UVify OOri – Smart portable racing drone

OOri drone (Image source: uvify.com)
OOri drone (Image source: uvify.com)

Actually it is “OOri”, a drone, developed by the company UVify, which is a San Francisco based company having a strong passion of developing drones.

OOri is a “Fun. Fast. Smart” drone as it can easily be controlled by the user and can become a fun to fly anywhere. It is based on the Draco series of racing drones that had already received several awards. According to the company, OOri is optimized in several areas including “speed, agility, technology, design, and build quality.”

OOri drone
OOri drone

OOri has a controller that comes with a 2.5 inch screen. It has vision positioning system. It is easy as it can be used right after unboxing. It is also considered as the fastest micro drone that comes with agility. It can reach to the speed of up to 50 mph, and can reach an altitude of 500 ft. The drone has three flight modes, including beginner mode (in which the user can only pick and fly), intermediate mode (in which the user can show off some flying skills), and racer mode (in which the user can switch to the racing mode). The drone also has assignable LEDs.

The package of OOri consists of the following components:

  • UVify OORI
  • OORI Transmitter with FPV Screen
  • 1 x 660maH battery with quick charging power
  • Prop guards
  • 8 x Propellers (4 spare)
  • Tool kit
  • Spare bolts (For when prop guards are removed)

The dimensions of OOri are 90mm x 90mm x 30mm (without prop guard), and 160mm x 160mm x 30mm (with prop guard), and has the weight of 73gm without battery. So, it is almost palm-sized drone that can be used by flying lovers. However, one of the problems with the drone is that it has maximum hovering time of only 5 minutes. Nevertheless, it could be a fun for the users. If you have one, leave the comments below for other readers and users…

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