Make Online Teaching Easier With These Apps

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Nowadays, technology is changing education in a positive way. The mobile phones aren’t considered anymore as objects that distract students but as a good learning tool. They enable students to learn more effectively and give teachers a way to pass their knowledge in a more advanced and interactive form. Numerous apps have made online teaching a seamless experience and go to station for many people.

Online teachers have armed themselves with useful apps which make their job a lot more convenient. These apps can be used in different areas of teaching: organizing their teachings materials, personal documents or engaging students in a more effective way.

Read on to discover the apps that will make online teaching more convenient.

Organize your classroom

As an online teacher, you need to have a good a reliable tool that you can access from any place and any device. That is why the Google Classroom is a great solution for all teachers. It can be used on your desktop computer, but you can use it on your iPad or any other smartphone.

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You can create classes with Google Docs, adding attachments and Youtube videos which can be used as explainers. Easily submit your lessons or tests with the app and send it to your students. The advantage is that you can give them grades immediately by scoring them. You can also leave comments and feedback on their work, directly in the test or lesson you have prepared. If you need a quick introduction to the app and how to use it, you can watch this video.

Another great app that can help you with organizing different sessions is the Google Calendar app. You can use it to organize your weekly schedule, avoiding double-booking classes at the same time or just make a better work-life balance. Since you have your phone always with you, you will often see reminders in order to keep you prepared for classes.

To track your students progress you can utilize the Google Sheets app. You can separate different classes in different sheets and write important notes for each student. Having insights into this digital diary, you can accordingly personalize your approach for each student. We recommend Google apps bundle because they can be all used for free.

If you need a quick idea for the upcoming classes, then we would recommend you the SeeSaw app. This app offers a library of pre-made activities for every grade, which can save you time if you haven’t prepared anything in advance.

Make your lessons more engaging

Many teachers struggle with keeping their students’ attention since our brains are becoming adapted to receiving a vast amount of information at once, and unfortunately shortening our ability to focus for a longer time. You need to spark engagement and curiosity in your students.

With new apps in the online teacher’s arsenal, now it’s possible to create fun and engaging content for their students on the go. The Quizlet app is a very valuable resource for both teachers and students. Students like learning with flashcard because they have both visual and written information, which can boost their learning. On the other side, teachers can create custom flashcards as the reminders at the end of the day which will recap the most important pieces of information. Also, Quizlet is integrated with Google Classroom, so you can share your quizlets directly from the app with your classes.

Another great way of preparing the students for tests, sending them homework or creating quick tests is by using Kahoot app. You can create your own kahoots that are formed like a quiz. You can offer 4 possible answers, the image that is associated with the answer and time limit in which students can answer. You can also set the due date in which students must complete the test or homework. Students will learn better with a gamified approach and it can also inspire competition between them keeping them motivated.

Organize your documents

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When working online you can expect all your documents, books and teaching resources to be in digital form. They are easy to store on cloud services, and Google Drive is a good option, especially if you work with Google Classroom. But, for most teachers and students using iPads for learning, you can use Apple’s native iCloud as well.

Documents by Readdle is a great app for document management on iOS. It can be used to read eBooks, watch videos, listen to music, etc. You can move, delete, and share all your files using this app as well. The teachers might find useful option to annotate PDF files and mark important information inside documents.

When dealing with large eBooks, teaching and lesson materials, teachers have to deal with PDF files which can’t be edited. In order to extract data from those documents, they can use the PDF to Word Converter app. This app will convert entire PDF eBooks into Word documents, which can be edited on the go. This can enable teachers to reuse and adapt those materials for different grades and purposes.

Working as an online teachers means that you need to handle the money issue, too. So, the Invoices by Wave will enable teachers to make professional looking invoices, without being accountants. You can create your personalized invoices, track if the payments were made and also notify people if they are late with their payments. Avoid making special spreadsheets manually, when you can use Wave to track everything in one place.

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