Apple’s iPhone 9 would come with an L-shaped optimized battery shape

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Apple Inc. is few months away in releasing its “iPhone 8” device, but rumors are there about some features of the next iPhone, i.e. iPhone 9. According to rumors, LG is going to be the provider for L-shaped batteries in those iPhones that would be released in the second half of the year 2018.

Actually Korea Economic Daily reported on Thursday that Apple has selected LG for the production of the batteries for all of the iPhone 9. The battery shape will be unique in that it would be “bent” or would be extended to one side forming an “L” shape. Since the start of iPhone productions, the company has inserted standard rectangular shaped “jelly roll” lithium-ion batteries.

It is not the first time that the rumors of changes in the shape of batteries have surged. Initially, in April, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noted the utilization of novel two-cell design in the upcoming “iPhone 8.” This change in shape would be of sufficient help in maximizing internal space and boosting charging speeds. However, it is still not known, whether Apple will use the novel shape of batteries in iPhone 8.

LG has reportedly invested billions of won in the development of battery manufacturing facilities and would start making batteries on large scale during the early parts of the next year.

Apple used to work with several suppliers for different components of iPhone. This strategy helps the company in optimizing the prices and decreasing any kind of manufacturing and/or technical problems.

Sources: BGR, AppleInsider

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