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Web is full of opportunities ranging from purchasing things to making contacts with people from different areas of life. One of the most useful opportunities provided by the Web is the provision of jobs; thereby, helping people to earn money from the ease of their homes, i.e. freelancing. This opportunity is also important as it helps the people to work on their own without any burden posed by seniors. In this regard, various freelancing companies can be found on the Web that are helping the people to work for them. One of those freelancing companies is

WriterBay has freelance writing opportunities for writers from all over the world. The selection process of the company is such that they are able to hire the best writers, i.e. they take online tests and check a sample paper from the new freelancers. After passing the test, freelance writers can start writing for them on a wide-variety of topics from different fields of life including Architecture, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine, Finance, Nursing, Psychology, Statistics, and many more. In the start of joining the company, writers are provided with only one page order, so that they would be able to learn about the environment and writing requirements. This is also showing that the company does not want to give the clients bad quality works. However, with the passage of time and fulfilling the orders successfully, writers can develop more skills and can take bigger orders with more payment opportunities. The Support Team of the company is one of the best teams that are helpful not only for the clients but also for the writers. The Team is available 24×7, and it checks all the things and ensures the best possible experience for the writers and clients. The company does not unnecessarily favor the clients. In case of claims, if the company thinks that client has made errors, the writers are fully supported. I have faced many such situations in which the company favored me as the client was not fulfilling the requirements. The company is also fabulous in payments to writers. Payments are made on the 16th to 20th of every month without any delay, though rare chances are always there. One of the most important aspects of the company is that it is also offering payments through referrals. Writers can earn extra money by referring writers to the company. If a referral gets approved, the writer could earn “additional 3% from every order completed by the” referral.

On the other hand, has an issue with the long-lasting career opportunities. A writer can get good level of earning with the website but in order to move further and accelerate the earning opportunities, it could be of little to no help. However, in this regard, a suggestion to the company is that it could integrate blog writing options, i.e. writers having blogs would be given more opportunities of writing and giving reviews through their blogs. WriterBay could cooperate with other companies and organizations, and make them clients and ask for their promotion on the blogs of the writers. This could also give more earning and salary to the writers through the reviews of services and products offered by those companies or organizations.

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One of the most important things, I have found on various reviewing sites, such as Glassdoor, is that people are giving either fake reviews about their experiences or they have not fully experienced working with WriterBay. For example, one of the reviews noted that the company is “paying $5 “per page” of 1000 words” that is completely wrong. The company is giving minimum payment of $20 for 1100 words, and with some orders, writers can earn even four times more than this normal payment. It is only in the first few (up to ten) orders that the company pays $4 for 275 words, i.e. one page, after that minimum payment is $5 per page. Another review says that they “take back what you earned” that is again wrong. In this regard, it is also important to read all the Terms and Conditions of the company, and get thorough knowledge of them. They have provided detailed information about standards of the company, fines, payment terms and conditions, and termination of accounts. If a writer is unable to understand the terms and conditions, and make some mistakes, fine could be imposed on the writer. Fine could vary according to the conditions.

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Overall, it can be said that good writers, especially in the field of academic writing, could get a superior level of experience after working with They would also not get complaints from the clients and also get regular bonuses for their good works. In case of revisions, they could easily handle the situation without further complaints, and at the end of the monthly cycle would feel proud of their works.

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