10 scientifically proven ways to influence or know the people silently


Want to know if someone is interested? Watch their pupils

The pupils are among those parts of body languages that are not in our conscious control. White and Maltzman (1977) found that the pupil starts dilating when a person shows interest in some other person he or she talking to.  

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Want to know the person is into you? Watch the feet

Most people know how to keep a check on their expressions, but they are unaware about their feet. So, if a person is interested in you, his or her feet would directly point towards you. This shows genuine interest. – Vanessa Van Edwards, author and behavioral investigator, Science of people

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Want to be more trusted? Wear Blue

Blue color makes you appear conservative, trustworthy, clean, and secure. On the other hand, red color makes you appear energetic, and it can also inspire feelings of love and passion.

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Want to know about someone’s political views? Shift your Gaze

Glance away, as you’re talking to someone. If the person follows your eyes when you look away, he or she could be liberal. On the other hand, conservative usually don’t follow the eyes.

Via: Dodd, M., Hibbing, J., & Smith, K. (2010). The politics of attention: gaze-cuing effects are moderated by political temperament Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 73 (1), 24-29 DOI: 10.3758/s13414-010-0001-x


Want to get more tips? Touch the customers

Servers get higher tips when they touch customers lightly on the shoulder, arm, or hand.

Via: The Journal of Social Psychology

Tilting the head

Want to get more charge? Tilt your head back

The more you bow your head, the more submissive you appear. On the other hand, the more you tilt your head back, the more dominant you appear.

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Want to know the chances of lying and/or cheating? Check the freshness or tiredness of people

People who are tired have more chances of lying, cheating, and/or acting unethically. This shows that morning people have more chances of lying, cheating, and/or acting unethically in the night, and night owls have more chances of lying, cheating, and/or acting unethically in the morning.

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Want to look important? Spread out

Powerful people take up lots of space and make broad gestures. This shows that taller have more chances of rising higher as compared to shorter people.

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Want somebody to trust you? Allow him to speak first

If you want somebody to trust you, let them speak first. You can do this by asking a question. Yielding the floor makes the other person feel warmth toward you, and as though they are being heard and understood.

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Want someone to say Yes? Start nodding your head

Nodding of head is a type of contagious activity. It also spreads good feelings. Nodding of head during “yes” questions could increase the chances of saying “yes”.

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