Morgellons Disease


An unusual and not well explained skin disease that is associated with mysterious fibers originating from the sores on the skin. Morgellons disease is now commonly known as delusional disease. The sores are due to the obsessive scratching and the nature of fibers is not clearly known. Some say that these fibers are cotton threads that might come from the clothing or bandages. On the other hand, some people think that these fibers are due to some infectious process within the cells of skin.


On the basis of the data collected from the patients of morgellons disease, following are the symptoms of the disease:

  • Soreness and rashes on the skin that cause severe itching and burning,
  • A sensation like some insect is crawling or stinging at the site of rash,
  • Thread like structures in or on the skin,
  • Ruthless fatigue along with depression, and
  • Short-term loss of memory and difficulty in thinking properly.

The sores and rashes caused by the morgellons disease can seriously disturb the life of patient.

Causes of Morgellons Disease

This is a disease related with uncommon skin, nerve and psychiatric symptoms sometimes referred to as fiber disease. An amazing fact seen in the patients with the disease is that they have hypothyroidism that is low thyroid development and functioning. It is interesting to know that the Caucasian females that are about 35 to 50 years old are more likely to develop this mysterious disease than other groups. Moreover, this disease is more commonly noticed in California and Texas than other states of U.S. Morgellons disease is observed in the patients of Lyme disease. Many researches thought that this disease is actually related to mental illness or some type of phobia in which patient feels that it is infested by the parasites. This disease is concluded as not contagious because research on this disease shows that this is not due to any infection. It is not also due to the result of some environmental toxins.

Treatment of Morgellons Disease

There is no particular medicine of this disease but there are some medicines that are beneficial in treating morgellons disease. These medicines actually treat psychosis or convulsions such olanzapine or pimozide respectively. Moreover, prognosis of morgellons disease is very difficult due to insufficient knowledge about the symptoms, causes and treatment of morgellons disease.

For Further Information

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