An eBook on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for cancer

Cover letter for "Brief list of CAM strategies to Prevent and Treat Cancer"
Cover letter for “Brief list of CAM strategies to Prevent and Treat Cancer”

Brief list of CAM strategies to Prevent and Treat Cancer” is a little eBook to know about the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments that can be used in cancer. Complementary medicine is used along with mainstream medicine (i.e. to support the mainstream cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or surgery). On the other hand, alternative medicine is used without mainstream medicine such as some plants or their products as, for example, products obtained from ginger or Madagascar Periwinkle.

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Some important points from the eBook are as follows:

  • Accupuncture can help in giving relief from nausea in chemotherapy, and pain in cancer.
  • Marine bacteria can be of sufficient help as their secondary metabolites such as eleutherobin and bryostatins can provide anticancer agents.
  • Several studies have shown that dietary Ca2+, either alone or in combination with Vitamin-D, causes a reduction in the abnormalities of colonic epithelial cells in carcinogen exposed animals.
  • Chilli peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) have capsaicin, which is chemopreventive in nature.
Capsicum annuum (different) varieties (Source:
Capsicum annuum (different) varieties (Source:
  • It has been estimated that 10-70% of mortality, as a result of human cancer, is the result of diet.
  • Fruit consumption causes a reduction in the risk of lung cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, oropharynx cancer and oesophagus cancer, but has little effect on breast cancer and prostate cancer.
Fruits (Source:
Fruits (Source:
  • Use of refrigeration causes a decrease in stomach cancer.
  • Garlic has diallyl sulphide, which has chemopreventive properties.

You can find many other important things in this eBook.


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