Postmodern Stress Disorder – New psychological problem

Postmodern Stress Disorder – New psychological problem (Image source:
Postmodern Stress Disorder – New psychological problem (Image source:

Main Point:

“Postmodern Stress Disorder” is considered as a relatively new psychological disorder caused by repetitive exposure to violent images and other such things.

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The American Journal of Medicine

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In a study by a researcher from Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, Postmodern Stress Disorder has been described as a new disorder that is almost similar to posttraumatic stress disorder, in which a person start feeling stress after facing or experiencing a big trauma.

In the paper, Postmodern Stress Disorder is described as a disorder that is caused by repetitive exposure to digital images representing violence in different types of electronic media, such as television, films, music videos, video games, and other online sources. These repetitive exposures work as small traumas referred to as “microtraumas” and a lot of them result in huge traumas referred to as “macrotraumas” as experienced by people during civilian assaults and warfare. Postmodern Stress Disorder also includes other elements such as loss of impulse control, public shaming, or bullying.

In the paper, author noted that the disorder results in excessive working of the amygdala. Amygdala is an almond-shaped neural structure in cerebrum in brain. This part of the brain has an important role in emotional behavior and motivation. The disorder also results in the decrease of usual inhibitory inputs from the orbitofrontal cingulate cortical gyrus.

Author is of opinion that further research on this disorder could help in explaining many suicides or murders that are usually unexplainable.


Eiser, A. (2015). Postmodern Stress Disorder (PMSD): A Possible New Disorder The American Journal of Medicine, 128 (11), 1178-1181 DOI: 10.1016/j.amjmed.2015.04.039

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