Maybe new information of this day by (MNIDSP) – MNIDSP/Part-5

Here I have composed some interesting information from the subject of astronomy.

Exomoon is the moon outside of our solar system and there are no confirmed findings of exomoon yet.

(Source: First ever probable discovery of moon out of the solar system – (MNIDSP/Part-5)

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Gamma ray bursts are bright flashes of gamma rays – the most energetic form of light – that are found with the explosions of huge stars in remote galaxies.

(Source: Most energetic form of light-bursts in space has two forms – (MNIDSP/Part-5)

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Iapetus is usually called as the yin and yang of the Saturn moons.

(Source: Wonderful “yin and yang” photo of Saturn’s moon – Iapetus – (MNIDSP/Part-5)

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Mercury has a crater named after English musician/singer/songwriter John Lennon – Lennon crater.

(Source: John Lennon and Mercury has something in common – (MNIDSP/Part-5)

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SOPHIE is a French instrument capable of measuring the velocity of stars with a precision equivalent to the speed of a bicycle.

(Source: SOPHIE confirmed the presence of planet in Kepler-88 system – (MNIDSP/Part-5)

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