Isogarcinol – New compound to lower body’s immune response / Related Research Suggestions

Garcinia mangostana (Credit:  Christian TESSIER/Flickr)
Garcinia mangostana (Credit: Christian TESSIER/Flickr)

Garcinia mangostana L.:

Isogarcinol has been obtained from Garcinia mangostana L. also known as mangosteen or the purple mangosteen. It is a tropical evergreen tree that belongs to the family Guttiferae and is found extensively in Southeast Asia. Local people use the pericarp or the ripe fruit of mangosteen to treat abdominal pain, wound infection and in inflammation, as it is found to have anti-inflammatory activity.


Isogarcinol is a newly discovered compound that lowers the natural immunity of the body, i.e. immunosuppressive action. It significantly stops the calcineurin activity that has an important role in immune regulation. It also inhibits murine spleen T-lymphocytes – which is important in organ transplant rejection – induced by concanavalin A (ConA) and the mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR).

Scientists have found that this compound works much better in acute toxicity tests and if given through mouth in mice as compared to cyclosporin A (CsA) – an immunosuppressive drug for preventing transplant rejection. It has few adverse reactions and low toxicity in lab tests on animals, therefore scientists are of opinion that isogarcinol can be used in place of other commonly used immunosuppressive drugs for preventing transplant rejection and for long-term medication in autoimmune disorders.

“Isogarcinol might protect against organ failure associated with transplantation of other organs,” Researchers noted.

Isogarcinol is also found to have anti-plasmodial, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer activities via inhibition of histone acetyltransferases among other mechanisms.

Research Suggestions:

Researchers have noted that “with further chemical synthesis and modification, isogarcinol may well make a major contribution to future immunosuppression.” So, you can work on the modified forms of this compound and their effects on immunity. Moreover, their effects on different disorders such as against bacteria and in cancer can also be studied.


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