Facebook is planning to attract annual $66.35 billion TV advertising market in U.S.

facebook logo (Credit: cbhdesign/Flickr)Facebook Inc. is going to experiment video advertisements with a handful of advertisers on its website that would play automatically in news feeds of users, according to The Wall Street Journal citing people, who know the subject.

Don’t worry the ads would not annoy you as they will play without sounds. Users can view and listen to the video by clicking on the advertisement. Moreover, the company has reported that the new ads will not consume mobile data plans as the videos will only download upon connection to WiFi.

According to the reports, this type of advertising would capture a share of about $66.35 billion TV advertising market annually in the United States. This move could significantly increase the company’s advertising revenue.

Although, it is still unclear but according to the journal Facebook could show ads of up to 15 seconds.

The company is planning to launch the move today (i.e. Tuesday).


Facebook to Start Selling Video Ads – The Wall Street Journal (http://goo.gl/z8a5by)

Usman Zafar Paracha

Usman Zafar Paracha is a sort of entrepreneur. He is the author of "Color Atlas of Statistics", and the owner of an Android game "Faily Rocket."

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