Nelson Mandela is 356th most important person, new computer program says

Nelson Mandela in black and white (Credit: Mandela is at 356th place in the list of 2,000 most important people in history according to a new search software program.

According to ranking, Jesus is at top, Napolean is second, Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho allaihi wasallum) is at third, Shakespeare is at 4th position, Abraham Lincoln got fifth position, George Washington is at sixth position, Adolf Hitler is at seventh, Aristotle in eighth place, Alexander the Great got ninth and Thomas Jefferson got 10th place.

This software is based on “reputation decay algorithm” and used traces of millions of opinions of internet users in the same way as Google ranks web pages. It checks the change in significance of a person in or after about 200 years.

The program was created by a Google engineer and computer scientist Charles Ward.


The Sunday Times –

Usman Zafar Paracha

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