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Doing the Math (Credit: Alan Levine/Flickr)Main Point:

Researchers have found a simple mathematical rule that covers many human confrontations or struggles and can help predicting future abnormal behaviors in such situations.

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Scientific Reports

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In the present study, researchers analyzed more than 100,000 events and have noted simple mathematical formula called as “power-law” having the form AB-C that can explain many human confrontations that are apparently not connected to each other such as one-on-one fights, child-parent struggles, cyber-attacks, civil unrest etc.

Researchers have found that usually in a confrontation, there is/are a weaker human/humanity (e.g. cyber-hackers, insurgents, terrorists, protestors, ultrafast traders, infant) and a stronger human/humanity (respectively, the national infrastructure, incumbent army, security forces, ruling government, global stock holders, parent), and the weaker “manages to inflict a series of attacks that typically escalates (rises)”.

You can see the escalating behavior (line) in different situations (Credit: Neil F. Johnson et al./Scientific Reports)
You can see the escalating behavior (line) in these graphs in different critical situations (Credit: Neil F. Johnson et al./Scientific Reports)

According to researchers, this mathematical formula can help in forecasting future behavior.

“By picking out a specific baby (and parent), and studying what actions of the parent make the child escalate or de-escalate its cries, we can understand better how to counteract cyber-attacks against a particular sector of U.S. cyber infrastructure, or how an outbreak of civil unrest in a given location (e.g. Syria) will play out, following particular government interventions,” Neil Johnson, corresponding author of the study, said in a statement.

Researchers wrote,

Our findings provide quantitative predictions concerning future attacks; a tool to help detect common perpetrators and abnormal behaviors; insight into the trajectory of a ‘lone wolf’; identification of a critical threshold for spreading a message or idea among perpetrators; an intervention strategy to erode the most lethal clusters; and more broadly, a quantitative starting point for cross-disciplinary theorizing about human aggression at the individual and group level, in both real and online worlds.


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Neil F. Johnson et al. (2013). Simple mathematical law benchmarks human confrontations Scientific Reports DOI: 10.1038/srep03463

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