Very much cold and hot place on Earth

The domes on the high plateau are connected by almost imperceptible ridges
The domes on the high plateau are connected by almost imperceptible ridges

Very much cold place on Earth:

Coldest place on Earth was found on 10 August, 2010, by a satellite in the center of Antarctica measuring about minus 93.2 Celsius (-135.8F).

Previously, the record of minus 89.2C was measured in Antarctica. This occurred at the Russian Vostok base on 21 July, 1983.

“These very low temperatures are hard to imagine, I know,” said Ted Scambos from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado.

“The way I like to put it is that it’s almost as cold below freezing as boiling water is above freezing. The new low is a good 50 degrees colder than temperatures in Alaska or Siberia, and about 30 degrees colder than the summit of Greenland,” he told BBC News.

“I’d caution Guinness not to take this result and put it in their world record book just yet, because I think the numbers will probably adjust over the coming year,” Dr Scambos told. “However, I’m now confident we know where the coldest places on Earth are, and why they are there.”

Very much hot place on Earth:

On the other hand, the hottest place, found by satellite sensor, was Dasht-e Lut salt desert in southeast Iran, where the temperature reached about 70.7C in 2005.

Dashte Lut Iran Desert

These are still preliminary figures and further studies from various space-borne thermal sensors could show even colder and hotter places on Earth, according to researchers.

Dr Scambos was speaking in San Francisco at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, the largest annual gathering of Earth scientists.


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