Earth will get solar energy from Moon – Proposal from Japan

Luna ring project (Credit: Shimuzu)

Main Point:

Shimizu has presented the solution of energy crisis by building huge band of solar panels on the Moon and moving the energy back to Earth to convert it into electricity.

Study Further:

Shimizu Corporation:

Shimizu Corporation is a Japanese architectural and engineering firm, and has been known as one of the top 5 contractors in Japan and among the top 20 in the world. This company is already famous for “dream projects” such as pyramid cities and a space hotel.

Present Concept:

The company has presented the idea of building a band of solar panels 400 kilometers (249 miles) wide (pdf) covering the Moon’s 11,000-kilometer (6,835 mile) equator and move the carbon-free energy back to Earth in the form of microwaves, which are than changed into electricity at ground based stations.

Master Plan for Shimuzu proposal of taking energy from sun on moon (Credit: Shimuzu)
Master Plan for Shimuzu proposal of taking energy from sun on moon (Credit: Shimuzu)

This whole thing would start with extraction of construction materials from the Moon and using such materials to make factories to make solar panels. “Robots will perform various tasks on the lunar surface, including ground leveling and excavation of hard bottom strata,” according to Shimizu.

The company has suggested that it will start building the Luna Ring in 2035, and “Machines and equipment from Earth will be assembled in space and landed on the lunar surface for installation,” according to proposal.


Shimuzu Corporation –

Japan’s plan to supply all the world’s energy from a giant solar power plant on the moon – Quartz (

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