Watch Sports for fitness

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Researchers have told an easy way to get fit – Watch sports.

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Frontiers in Autonomic Neuroscience

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Researchers have reported that watching other people exercise usually increases heart rate of the person along with some other physiological parameters as the person himself is doing exercise.

In the present study, researchers inserted very fine needles into an outer nerve of nine volunteers to record the electrical signals of nerve fibers directed to blood vessels, and to check their muscle sympathetic nerve activity and other physiological parameters.

“Recording this nerve activity provides a very sensitive measure of the body’s physiological responses to physical or mental stress,” said one of the lead researchers Vaughan Macefield, from the School of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney.

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Researchers initially showed static image to volunteers then they showed non-moving landscape images and finally a 22-minute video shot by a runner on a vigorous jog. Researchers found increased sympathetic nerve activity during a video shot by a runner.

“We know that the sympathetic nervous system — which supplies the heart, sweat glands and blood vessels, as well as other tissues — increases its activity during actual exercise,” Macefield said.

“Now we have shown that it increases when you are watching a moving scene as if you were running yourself.”

Although, watching someone running could increase the chances of getting fit but “nothing can replace the health benefits of getting off the couch,” he said.


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