Happy marriage has an important ingredient of wife’s patience

Happy marriage (Credit: Umm Papoose/Flickr)

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Researchers have found that the happiest marriages are those where wives are able to quickly calm down during argument.

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Emotions are most important things in the every aspect of life especially marital life. They can make or destroy relationship.

In the present study, researchers studied middle-aged (40-50 years old) and older (60-70 years old) long-term married couples, considering the control of negative emotions during discussions and arguments, and marital satisfaction.

Researchers found that “(a) greater downregulation of wives’ negative experience and behavior predicted greater marital satisfaction for wives and husbands concurrently and (b) greater downregulation of wives’ negative behavior predicted increases in wives’ marital satisfaction longitudinally.” Moreover, researchers have found that constructive or positive use of words and behavior from wives’ side helped in resolving the conflict.


Bloch L, Haase CM, Levenson RW (2013). Emotion Regulation Predicts Marital Satisfaction: More Than a Wives’ Tale. Emotion DOI: 10.1037/a0034272

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