Fragrant messages from smartphones – Start of in-built fragrance sending technology

 Product to produce scents upon messages (source: Scentee)

Scentee, a Japanese tech brand, has launched a product that can be attached to smartphone and produces scent upon receiving a message while utilizing a companion app in the iPhone/Android operated phone.

This product is a bubble like accessory with an LED light and can be turned off for social network notification, text or alarm. It has also the property to be synced to the multiple games.

You can get a range of scents including rose, mint, curry, jasmine, cinnamon roll, lavender, apple, strawberry, ylang-ylang (a fragrant flower), coconut, and the corn soup scent. Limited edition Korean BBQ collection with two meat scents and baked potato are also available while the company is working on the bacon scent.

Koki Tsubouchi, from Scentee Inc, said: “This is the world’s first product that alerts users by scent when they get likes on Facebook.

“In the future, we plan to make this work with not only Facebook, but also Twitter, phone calls and emails.”

Scentee is available on Amazon Japan for about $37. 100 bursts per scent-capsule are available with each model and refills are available for $5.

I think it is the start of in-built fragrance technology in the smartphones.

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