Google Glass’s accessory store

Google Glass

Google has launched its Glass accessory store to sell chargers, earbuds, shades and shields as reported by Marketing Land citing a private Google forum for Glass Explorers.

The store is found to be the part of “My Glass” control panel area that enables all Explorers to manage their device and its apps. Google Glass help website has also provided a new section called “Accessories” that links to sections labeled ChargerEarbudsShades and shieldsSwapping frames and Pouch.

Current four items in the store are:

  • Extra Mono Earbud: $50 (out of stock)
  • Clear Shield: $75
  • Extra Cable and Charger: $50 (out of stock)
  • Extra Pouch: $50 (out of stock)

 Google Glass store (Image source: Marketing Land)


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Google’s Glass Accessory Store Is Coming Online (Wow. Stuff’s Expensive!) – Marketing Land (

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