Facebook would soon keep a sharp eye on your cursor movements

IOGraphica (Credit: IOGraphica)

Have you ever used the interesting “IOGraphica” software? If not, here is a brief review about the software; it can detect the movement of the cursor on your screen and make a beautiful networking style art for you.

Now, there is news and that is the collection of users’ data by Facebook by tracking the mouse movements on the screen but it is more than just “IOGraphica”. Facebook can collect your every cursor movement whether that is in the form of scrolls or highlights or clicks or whatever the cursor could do.

Facebook new headerFacebook is also working on to get mobile data, i.e. it will consider when the user’s newsfeed will be visible on the screen.

One of the Facebook’s purposes of doing this is to use this information to get more out of users.

From The Wall Street Journal,

“Mr. Rudin (Facebook analytics chief Ken Rudin) said the captured information could be added to a data analytics warehouse that is available for use throughout the company for an endless range of purposes–from product development to more precise targeting of advertising.”

New forms of data Facebook may get include “did your cursor hover over that ad … and was the newsfeed in a viewable area,” Mr. Rudin said. “It is a never-ending phase. I can’t promise that it will roll out. We probably will know in a couple of months,” added Mr. Rudin.

It would be highly thrilling to know that Facebook would be able to detect the cursor movements even if the tab where Facebook is opened is well behind all other tabs. However, at this time, nothing can be said about the precision or approach of the technology.


Facebook Tests Software to Track Your Cursor on Screen – The Wall Street Journal (http://blogs.wsj.com/cio/2013/10/30/facebook-considers-vast-increase-in-data-collection/?mod=e2tw)

Usman Zafar Paracha

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