What is the best place and worst place for older people in the world?

Old man (Credit: gary/Flickr)
Old man (Credit: gary/Flickr)

Main Point:

Researchers have reported the Global AgeWatch Index to present the varying quality of life and wellbeing of older people from around the world. Study further below to know the best place and worst place for older people in the world.

Study Further:

[sociallocker]Global AgeWatch Index 2013 is the first index to show wellbeing of older people globally, i.e. from 91 countries. This index has been supported by United Nations Fund for Population.

According to the index, income, health, personal capabilities and an enabling social environment are all important aspects of the wellbeing and improved quality of life. The Index considers the older people’s income security, health status, employment and education capabilities and the enabling environment of societies in which they live.

According to the index:

  • Sweden is the best place for older people
  • Norway closely follows Sweden
  • Japan is the only non-European and non-North American country in the top 10.
  • Chile leads a cluster of Latin American countries that includes Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama – which do well in the Index.
  • The worst place for an older person is Afghanistan. Just above it come Pakistan, Tanzania and Jordan.
  • The UK is ranked at 13, next to Ireland (12) and Australia (14) but five positions higher than France (18).

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For an in-depth analysis of the Index results, including a table of overall country rankings (page 17), see the Insight Report, downloadable from: www.globalagewatch.org (a summary is available at: http://bit.ly/17Wt5ia)

For a detailed description of the methods, and the indicators used, see the Methodology Report, downloadable from: www.globalagewatch.org[/sociallocker]

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