Two out of Five American households have Mothers as their top earners

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A growing number of working mothers, in America, are bringing more income than their husbands, according to the study released by the Pew Research Center on Wednesday.

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According to the study, women are either primary or sole earner in 40% of households with kids – up from 11% in 1960 – in America while 63% of those women are single mothers.

According to the demographers, the change in percentage is irreversible and has to be considered in child-care policies.

“This change is just another milestone in the dramatic transformation we have seen in family structure and family dynamics over the past 50 years or so,” said Kim Parker, associate director with the Pew Social & Demographic Trends Project. “Women’s roles have changed, marriage rates have declined — the family looks a lot different than it used to. The rise of breadwinner moms highlights the fact that, not only are more mothers balancing work and family these days, but the economic contributions mothers are making to their households have grown immensely.”

In all, 13.7 million U.S. households with children under age 18 now include mothers who are the main breadwinners. Of those, 5.1 million, or 37 percent, are married, while 8.6 million, or 63 percent are single. The income gap between the families is large — $80,000 in median family income for married couples vs. $23,000 for single mothers.

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