NASA is reportedly installing $15m Quantum Computer

NASA is installing quantum computer for research
NASA is installing quantum computer for research (Credit: ALENGO/ISTOCKPHOTO)

Main Points:

NASA is installing a $15m computer that works on quantum computation and is reported to be about 3,600 times faster than the existing computers. It will also be shared by Google and other scientists from the world to study the artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Study Further:

“If we want to create effective environmental policies, we need better models of what’s happening to our climate,” Google said in a blog post announcing the partnership. “Classical computers aren’t well suited to these types of creative problems.”

Google said that it has already worked on the machine-learning algorithms that will work inside the quantum computer made by D-Wave Systems of Burnaby, British Columbia, and the USRA (Universities Space Research Association).

This computer can work thousands of times faster than the traditional computers helping the scientists to reach the solutions to certain types of mathematical problems in fractions of a second by trying the possible solutions and selecting the best one at the same time.

According to the reports, the computer will start working in the third quarter of this year.


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