Memorize “Surat Ar-Rehman” and “Ninety nine Names of ALLAH” in a motivational way

Memorize names of ALLAH
Memorize names of ALLAH

Remembering Ayaat from Quran Majeed and Hadith (Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihi wasallum)) need continuous repetition.

Recently, I found a website, “” with the statement “Learning, Without Studying — A website + desktop app for people who want to learn, but lack motivation.”

I worked on it and it helped me a lot in learning French vocabulary and Korean (alphabets), so that now I can read Korean much easily (though I can’t understand the written text but I can read) and all this worked while I kept on working on other things like blogging.

Today, I thought to add Ayaat from Quran Majeed, so that the popups continuously remind us about them i.e. repetition. So, I added “Surat Ar-Rehman” and “99 Names of ALLAH” in it.

However, consider one thing seriously that after memorizing, you must have to check  from an authentic book.

Check them, memorize them and pray for me and my family.

In case of any mistakes, please tell me, so that I may rectify them.

Usman Zafar Paracha

Usman Zafar Paracha is a sort of entrepreneur. He is the author of "Color Atlas of Statistics", and the owner of an Android game "Faily Rocket."

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