Creativity and left pre-frontal cortex of the brain are not the friends

Pre-frontal cortex in the brain (Credit: John S. Dykes)Main point:

Researchers found that the left pre-frontal part of the brain mechanisms to manage yourself and focus on things cut your ability to think more creatively.

Study Further:

Researchers in this study used the technique called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). With the help of this technique, researchers temporarily and safely stop the neural activity in the required part of the brain. They divided the participants in two groups while giving them the task of thinking about the ordinary or unusual uses for everyday objects. In one group of people, researchers stopped the neural activity in the prefrontal cortex with tDCS while in the other group (control group), neural activity was allowed to work in the prefrontal cortex.

Researchers found that both the groups were good in thinking about the normal uses but the group, in whom the neural activity was stopped in the prefrontal cortex, came with more unusual uses with rapid rate.


The Wall Street Journal

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