Messier 77 image captured by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

Messier 77 galaxy (Credit: NASA, ESA & A. van der Hoeven)

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope took this vibrant image of spiral galaxy Messier 77 that is present in the constellation of the Cetus located about 45 million light-years away. Huge amount of radiation is coming out of its center. Red and blue stripes in the image show the points of star formation while the spiral arms of the galaxy are also very bright regions.

This galaxy was found in 1780 by Pierre Mechain, who mistakenly referred it as nebula. Later the galaxy was considered as a star cluster. However, now it is catalogued in spiral galaxies.

This galaxy, also known as NGC 1068, is the member of the class of galaxies referred to as Seyfert galaxies, which have hot, highly ionised gas glowing brightly while emitting powerful radiation.

Messier 77 is one of the most popular galaxies among astronomers with a huge collection of research papers.

Source: Universe Today

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