Men benefit more from the High Level Job Authority than Women

Men and women in businessMain Points:

Researchers have found the differences in the levels and the involvements of the big job authority. Men showed stronger association between the managerial power, self-sufficiency and influence as compared to women.

Study Further:

Schieman and his colleagues measured a range of work conditions using data from the Canadian Work, Stress, and Health Study (CAN-WSH), a large national survey of Canadian workers. Researchers asked the participants different questions such as “Do you supervise or manage anyone as part of your job?” “Do you influence or set the rate of pay received by others?” and “Do you have the authority to hire or fire others?”

Although with greater job authority greater job control and higher earnings come but it was already found that men benefits from the high authority more than women at the same high level of authority in the workplace. Now, researchers found that men show more decision-making freedom and greater influence than women at high authority. Nearly 24% of men report managerial authority compared to only 16% of women.

Researchers also found that men, usually, earn more than women at the same level of managerial authority.

“Forms of job control — especially job autonomy — are highly coveted resources for many workers,” Schieman said.

According to the researchers, differences in occupation level, job sector, work hours, job stress, and marital or parental statuses, could be the cause for these differences in the workplace and psychology.

Via: PsychCentral Source: University of Toronto

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