Quiz: Clinical Toxicology

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Toxicity associated with any chemical substance is referred to as

1. Poisoning

2. Intoxication

3. Overdosage

4. Toxicology

Clinical toxicity, which is secondary to accidental exposure

1. Toxicology

2. Intoxication

3. Poisoning

4. Overdose

Chest pain is related to

1. Neurological examination

2. Cardiopulmonary examination

3. Gastrointestinal examination

4. Both Cardiopulmonary examination and Gastrointestinal examination

Technique in which anticoagulated blood is passed through a column containing activated charcoal or resin particles is referred to as

1. Whole bowel irrigation

2. Forced dieresis

3. Hemodialysis

4. Hemoperfusion

Which of the following substances is not easily adsorbed by activated charcoal?

1. Iron

2. Ethanol

3. Methanol

4. All of the above

Update – 29th December, 2016

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