Quiz: Clinical Toxicology 2

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The effect of Syrup Ipecac starts within 30 minutes of administration and lasts for approximately

1. 30 minutes

2. 1 hr.

3. 1 hr. and 30 minutes

4. 2 hrs.

[sociallocker]Which of the following procedure is contraindicated for patients who have ingested strong acids and alkalis?

1. Emesis

2. Gastric lavage

3. Whole bowel Irrigation

4. Both emesis and Gastric lavage

Which of the following technique is helpful in removing ethanol from body?

1. Dialysis

2. Activated charcoal

3. Diuresis

4. Hemoperfusion

The most effective treatment in GI decontamination with Acetaminophen is

1. Emesis

2. Gastric lavage

3. Activated charcoal

4. Dialysis



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