Hyundai’s plans to launch hydrogen-powered cars to the market as soon as possible

Hyundai Tucson ix

Hyundai has planned to start the mass production of the hydrogen fuel cell cars to speed up the use of zero-emission vehicles. Korea’s Yonhap News Agency has reported that the hydrogen-powered versions of Hyundai’s Tucson ix SUV at its Usan plant in South Korea on Friday and the company plans to sell about 1,000 models by 2015. The company said that it has planned to ship 15 models for municipal use in Denmark and two other units to Sweden as early as this April.

This model is able to move about 370 miles (nearly 594 kilometers) before fueling it again, according to Hyundai. Hydrogen-powered cars are able to convert hydrogen into electricity and in the result emit only water vapor.

“We expect to realize an environmentally friendly era more quickly through the mass production of hydrogen fuel cell cars for the first time in the world,” Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Kim Eok-jo in a ceremony in Ulsan.

According to the company, it is two years ahead of its competitors. As the companies such as Daimler-Benz, General Motors and Toyota Motor has planned to launch the fuel-cell vehicles commercially after 2015. Last month, Ford reportedly planned to join Daimler and Renault-Nissan to increase the production of the cars that run on hydrogen. The company wanted to bring the car in the market within four years that is still after 2015.

This point could support the Hyundai Motor’s position in the mounting competition to develop zero-emission cars.

Not only these companies but many other companies/organizations are also working in this field. Last month, Forze, Delft University of Technology’s Hydrogen Racing Team, revealed Forze VI race car, which is a follow up to the world’s first hydrogen-powered race car. The team is very optimistic about the car “With the car we can shock and revolutionize the race world” Michel Haak, team manager of Forze, said in a statement.

Forze VI-8

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