Sharp’s brightest LED device yet

Sharp's brightest LED device (Credit: Sharp)
Sharp’s brightest LED device (Credit: Sharp)

Sharp Crop has announced the Industry’s brightest single LED device, “GW7GAL50SGC” with a luminous flux of 14,000lm as said by the company. The device is for lighting apparatuses with wattage of about 100W and a luminous efficiency of 143lm/W. The company’s existing product has wattage of about 50W and a luminous efficiency of 110lm/W.

The company has used the high heat conductivity material for the substrate of the LED device. Moreover, Sharp has also reportedly improved usability and reduced the burden of maintenance by increasing the life of the LED device to as long as 40,000 hours, i.e.  Nearly four and a half years.

The new device has the dimensions of 86.6 (W) x 75.0 (D) x 3.9mm (H) (excluding the protrusion of the connector). It has a color rendering index of 70 or higher and a color temperature of 7,000K. The price of its sample is ¥9,000 (approx US$97.3, including tax).

Although, the company plans to start shipping the device from March 5, 2013, but the mass production of the device will begin May 27, 2012.

Source: Sharp Via: TechOn

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