Apple’s new TV is smaller and has new chip

Screen shot of diagram of Apple's new TV

Apple is probably thinking on new TV and the new FCC filing is showing some sort of new Apple TV is on the way.

Although the filing is not showing much details, as these kinds of documents are confidential, but in the diagram, Apple’s new TV, the model number, A1469, is found to be of a slightly little size i.e. 93.78mm square compared to the 98mm of the current model, as reported by Engadget.

There is also a detailed note in one of the testing documents indicating that this new Apple TV is coming with new low-power dual-band 40nm Broadcom BCM4334 chip found in new iDevices such as iPhone 5.

According to The Next Web, due to the difference in the size and chip and due to the presence of single antenna instead of two antennae, the board could be different too. This has also been pointed out by the presence of the firmware’s new processor as Anandtech’s Brian Klug noted that “new Apple TV will be using the s5l8947x ‘A5x’ processor, an upgrade over the old model’s A5 ‘revision 2′”.


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