Widespread networking bug will expose huge number of devices to hackers – Beware

Networking bug will enable the hackers to take full control of many devices (Credit: iStockphoto/Angel Herrero De Frutos)

A widespread networking bug would harm your computer as reported by Reuters cited by Rapid7, security software maker. The bug or the defect not only harms but also gave hackers the ability to get full control of computers, webcams, printers and security systems. In fact, there is a long list of devices developed by manufacturers such as Belkin, D-Link, Cisco Systems Inc’s Linksys division and Netgear.

“This is the most pervasive bug I’ve ever seen,” said HD Moore, chief technology officer for Rapid7.

“This definitely falls into the scary category,” said Chris Wysopal, chief technology officer of security software firm Veracode, who reviewed Rapid7’s findings ahead of their publication.

According to Wysopal, Rapid7’s report has made us to think about bug fixations of the emerging technology of uPnP security.

UPnP functionality is turned on by default in many of the networking equipments such as new routers, printers, media servers, Web cameras, storage drives and “smart” or Web-connected TVs.

“These devices seem to have had the same level of core security for decades. Nobody seems to really care about them.” Moore said.

Rapid7 has not only aware us about the bug but has also given advice to the device owners, who are worried about the attack, to disable uPnP in devices. Moore has advised the users to utilize the free tool released by Rapid7 for identification of the vulnerable gear.


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