Wolfram’s upgraded app will help you to get a closer look on Facebook’s life

Last year at the end of August, Wolfram Alpha, “computational knowledge engine”, introduced Facebook App for the users to check for the detailed information about the Facebook life and the social community.

Now, the Wolfram has introduced the first upgrade to the app for more information and closer look to that information to grab.

Friend network visualization (Credit: Wolfram Alpha)

The company has introduced five “network roles” that are social insiders, outsiders, neighbors, gateways and connectors. Insiders are the roles in the social life that have the same friends while outsiders haven’t. Neighbors are the roles that don’t have a lot of friends outside of the user’s network while gateways have. Connectors are the roles that work as a bridge connecting two networks together. These roles are combined with the location, age and other information revealing a good range of potential visualizations color-coded by different categories and this all generates such patterns which you have not seen before.

Users can also check for the change in Facebook Profile over time by enabling “Historical Analytics”.


You can check for the most popular friend from university or the questions such as “Are all your married friends clustered in one part of your network? Or Are all your friends from your hometown the same age?” and much more.


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