Apple’s smartphone market share would elevate to 22% this year

iPhone with face down (Credit:

Apple’s smartphone market share would increase this year to 22% but would remain the same for the next five years as reported by ABI research.

Moreover, the firm said that the smartphone shipments will be 50% of all handset shipments by 2014 and will finally account for 69% of phones, i.e. nearly 2.4 billion handset shipments, by 2018. On the other hand, by 2018, LTE handsets will account for 35% of all mobile device shipments and 50% of smartphone shipments.

“With the successful launch of the iPhone 5 and competing LTE handsets from other leading OEMs, LTE handsets will be found in the hands of many consumers who do not even have access to LTE networks,” senior practice director Jeff Orr, said in a statement. “Apple is demonstrating to the market that LTE is not the only reason to buy a premium handset.”

When it comes to emerging markets, ABI Research said that “the growth in smartphone shipment penetration will be driven by the rapidly growing low-cost smartphone segment.” So the prediction showed that the “wholesale ASPs under $250 will account for 62% of smartphone shipments by 2018.”

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