Facebook or Twitter posts are highly Memorable

Facebook posting (Credit: JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES)

Researchers have found that Facebook posts are more memorable than the statements in the books or human faces.

This research has been published online in the journal Memory and Cognition.

Recently, we published a report about the impact of Twitter on weight loss program. In the meanwhile, researchers have found the impact of microblogs on memory.

Researchers worked on the undergraduate students and conducted a series of experiments to compare the impact of Facebook posts to the sentences from the books or human faces. They also worked on why Facebook posts are memorable? That could be due to the posts’ ability to stimulate social thinking by creating links to other people or situations.

Researchers found that the words on microblogs (social networking sites) stick to the mind. We can differentiate between the posts on the sites to the statements on the book as that of the healthy people and the memory loss patients. Researchers are of the opinion that some combination of completeness of the post, subject matter and the comments are responsible for the remarkable memory related to the microblogs.

“Our work introduces and investigates a new phenomenon – incredible memorability of microblogs. These especially memorable Facebook posts, generated by ordinary people, may be far closer than professionally crafted sentences to tapping into the basic language capacities of our minds. Perhaps the very sentences that were so effortlessly generated are, for such a reason, the same ones that are so readily remembered,” Researchers concluded.

So, if you want to remember something, ask your friend to post it on Facebook for you and discuss the topic there.


Mickes, L., Darby, R., Hwe, V., Bajic, D., Warker, J., Harris, C., & Christenfeld, N. (2013). Major memory for microblogs Memory & Cognition DOI: 10.3758/s13421-012-0281-6


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