iPhone 5 and other recent smartphones are Europe’s “hungriest” data consumers in 2012

iPhone 5 users are the top most data consumers in Europe utilizing on average more than four times the amount of a person still using iPhone 3G, according to the mobile data analysis firm Arieso. The firm examined more than 1 million smartphone users on European 3G networks over a 24 hour period to calculate the data demand.

According to the report, newer generation of smartphones, tablets and the medium devices known as phablets, are increasingly putting a pressure on 3G mobile networks with smartphones outpacing tablets in data consumption.


“One iPhone 5 user is effectively worth about 4 iPhone 3G users,” report author Michael Flanagan said in an interview.

According to Flanagan, iPhone 5 users needed 50% more data than the previous year’s most demanding data of iPhone 4S users. He said that the amount of data uploaded to the services like social networking sites had also increased and reaches one sixth of the amount of data downloaded that was one seventh a year ago.

Among the other top “hungriest” data consumers of 2012 are Samsung Galaxy S3, and HTC Sensation XL.


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